Northern Michigan Web design and sign systems

Have an idea? Don’t know where to turn?  We want to help!

Infinity will offer a free consults to anyone considering a new venture, wanting to invigorate an existing venture, or just wanting some expert advice on where to go next. Even if you’re project is not a great fit for us, or our services are not a great fit for you, having someone in your corner that can provide some direction is huge! 

We are a local-only company…Inspiring growth and innovation for the top 21 counties of Northern Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Northern Michigan Business Consulting

Guidance, Concept & Strategy

If you are a startup in need of direction we suggest your very first step is to schedule a FREE Consult!  Once we get to know each other we can provide direction on the steps we suggest to give your new venture wings. From Business Model Canvas, Pitch Deck & Marcom Creation to Roll-out, Network and Growth Stages.

And congratulations, we know you’ll rock it!

We are Website Re-Creators

If your existing web presence hasn’t been updated in years and has doors that open into the abyss, contains graphics that possess the same clarity as Charlie Brown’s teacher, was purchased from some cookie cutter website farm, or worse yet still contains the words “Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported” (yikes) we can help bring your site back to life sustainably.

The web has changed.  It’s gotten more complex and rarely do small businesses have the time or resources to keep up. We help by applying the K.I.S.S. principal to everything we do and work collaboratively with our partners to help increase success and prosperity for all.

Northern Michigan Website Creation

Web / Mobile Apps & Development Consulting

Custom web development is daunting to say the least. Do I need a mobile app or web app?  Do I need a web backend or…?  Can I afford this or should I get that second mortgage paperwork started? If I do pay to have this built is it going to be extensible well into the future?

It’s no wonder most tech projects never evolve much past the napkin drawing; this stuff is confusing.  Don’t think, just do!


Mobile App Development
Otsego Sign Craft Gaylord Michigan

Signage & Display

  • 4 Seasons Strong-If you want something to look good year-after-year, outdoors, you had better know what you’re doing.  We’re northern climate born & bred!
  • Full Color Print & Display
  • Digital Print Trade, Dry Erase, Wall & Floor Graphics
  • Vinyl Vehicle Graphics, Magnetics & Banners
  • Yard, Regulatory, Parking, Trail, and Wayfinding
  • Discounts standard for Non-Profits & Land Stewards
Michigan Recreation

We're not for everyone

Although we want everyone to succeed we’re fully aware of our limitations and tend to stick to regional businesses and our forte – which is typically tourism-related entities.

Our typical clientele consists of:

Resorts & independent lodging establishments, municipalities & attractions, adventure related manufacturers,  independent sporting goods retailers, recreation and activity venues, marine & power sports dealers, adventure rental & service providers, independent restaurants & dining establishments, breweries / distilleries / wineries, gift shops & specialty retailers, municipalities & event coordinators, outdoor activity venues, sporting clubs, campgrounds, and trail & land stewards. 

Club Powersports
Mountain Sports App

We're a Startup Too

…and always will be.

Yes, we have oodles of experience.  Yes, we’ve had multiple startups. Yes, we’ve contributed to numerous accelerators and founders institutes. And yes, we’d love to share in your successes. But the truth is we still have so much to learn, and hope to never lose the drive, curiosity, tenacity and culture that enables the startup mentality.

But, don’t take our word for it. Let’s get to know each other first and see where it goes.